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Canadian Artist Reveals How She Makes Silicone Baby Dolls On TikTok

These "reborn" dolls can help grieving mothers.

Susan Gibbs didn’t give birth to Zhang, Leigh, and Luna, but you’d be forgiven for thinking she did.

Those are the names of three lifelike babies molded in silicone by the Canadian artist, just three of countless creations that have mesmerized her TikTok followers since she started posting on the app. Watch the video above to see just how realistic Gibbs’ creations are.

It’s a labour of love for Gibbs, who discovered “reborn” dolls in 2009 ― a niche hobby where enthusiasts make and/or collect plastic babies that look as real as possible. Reborn dolls are often used in therapy to help grieving parents, moms coping with pregnancy loss, and seniors with dementia. Gibbs counts people who have experienced miscarriages and Vancouver film studios seeking props among her customers.

Thanks to Gibb’s TikTok clips, the craftsmanship her hobby entails is being de-mystified. It takes a month for her to mold and paint a doll from start to finish, with fine details like adding hair follicle-by-follicle taking upwards of 30 hours, according to the In The Know video.

While some sculpted dolls skew uncanny valley and others are made in jest (the Grinch reborns are ... certainly out there), sculptors like Gibbs pour their hearts into creating realistic infant dolls to cherish ― dedication that is deeply appreciated by parents looking for comfort.

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