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Canadian Wildlife Tours: 10 Amazing Spots To See Animals In The Country (PHOTOS)

Jean-Pierre Sylvestre/Le Québec maritime

Oh Canada! You’ve got animal magnetism from coast to coast with more than 194 species of mammals, 426 species of birds, 42 types of reptiles, 1,100 fish, and 18,530 insects , not to mentions arachnids and crustaceans (yum, lobster!).

Plan your travels on the wild side and head to where the critters live. Whale watch on the west coast or the east. Catch a photo of bald eagles in flight in British Columbia or the Annapolis Valley region in Nova Scotia.

The more exotic animals may take a bit of time and money to reach. Ever seen a narwhal (monodon monoceros, also known as the "unicorn of the sea")? You’ll have to head to the Arctic Ocean.

The good news is once you find some of these animals you can have a meaningful relationship with them.

Beluga whales that swim in Hudson Bay near Churchill, Manitoba in August don’t mind when snorkellers join them in the water. They’re curious about what the heck you’re doing there and will twist their heads around to check you out. (Only beluga whales have the ability to move their necks.)

But don’t try this with polar bears in the summer. They’re hungry and a bit cranky since they haven’t had a good feast on seals since the winter. For something that mixes excitement and safety, check out the various zoo and museum programs where you snooze in close proximity to wild beasts for a thrill of a lifetime.

Either way, you don't have to travel across the world to get close to where the wild things are.

10 Amazing Spots To See Canada's Wildlife

10 Amazing Spot To See Canada's Wildlife

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