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Canadians' Sleep Relationship Is In Crisis Mode: Arianna Huffington

"We all share a common need for sleep."

You can't cheat sleep.

It's a lesson Arianna Huffington knows all too well. The founder and CEO of Thrive Global hasn't shied away about her struggles with shut-eye. In 2014, she suffered sudden collapse from sleep deprivation that left her in a pool of her own blood and a broken cheek bone.

While many haven't suffered to the degree Huffington has, she says a growing amount of Canadians need to step back and look at their relationship with a good night's rest.

"Twenty-six per cent of the Canadian workforce reported having called in sick because of sleep deprivation," said Huffington.

For more on why Canadians need to prioritize their sleep, listen to what the "Sleep Revolution" author has to say in the video above.

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Arianna Huffington is the former Editor In Chief of The Huffington Post, a website she co-founded in 2005.

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