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Candace Maxymowich, Winnipeg School Board Candidate, Supports Creationism In Classroom (VIDEO)

First, Candace Maxymowich said that sex education should be abstinence-only.

Now, the candidate for trustee in Winnipeg's Louis Riel School Division is generating controversy again after she said she supports teaching creationism alongside evolution in science classrooms.

Maxymowich, who is also a Manitoba Progressive Conservative youth leader, posted a video on Twitter Sunday in which she expressed her opinion on Bill 18, a legislated provincial requirement for schools to accept gay-straight alliances.

"I believe schools should focus on the basics of education and leave the rest up to parents," she said in the clip.

A reporter with The Canadian Press asked her whether she supported religious instruction. She responded as follows:

A number of Twitter users criticized Maxymowich's position, though others praised her honesty.

We can only imagine what Bill Nye the Science Guy would have to say about this.


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