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Cardi B Warns Peppa Pig: ‘Count Your F**king Days’

The rapper is feuding with the cartoon pig about puddles.

There’s a new, high-profile mom to add to the list of parents fed up with Peppa Pig and her antics: Cardi B.

The rapper announced her feud with the cartoon pig on Twitter on Monday. Her two-year-old daughter Kulture has taken to imitating Peppa by jumping in puddles, Cardi said, and Cardi is not happy about it.

“Count your fuckin days,” she wrote, ominously.

Cardi’s response is a tad extreme, but she does have a point. Being a pig, Peppa is a big fan of puddles, and of muddy puddles specifically. One of the songs on her 2019 album is all about how much she loves dancing, jumping and splashing in muddy puddles. Her official YouTube channel features a clip compilation of her “best muddy puddle moments” that’s more than two hours long.

A number of parents agree with Cardi’s assessment, apparently:

Peppa’s influence reaches far and wide. She has 21 million YouTube subscribers and is a billion-dollar industry that includes movies, music, books, toys, and theme parks. Meeting Peppa “was like meeting the Pope,” one dad who took his daughter to Peppa Pig World in Hampshire, England, told The Guardian.

Many of her American and Canadian toddler fans have started speaking in a British accent or adopting British phrases after watching the show. There’s something very charming but slightly sinister about hearing a little kid who’s never left Ontario talking about their “swimming costume” or telling their parents to get “all this rubbish off the table.”

And perhaps not surprisingly, given her popularity, Peppa has feuded with other rappers, too. In July 2019, when Iggy Azalea found out her album was scheduled to come out the same day as Peppa’s, she correctly predicted that the cartoon pig would be tough competition.

When Peppa responded by quoting some of Iggy Azalea’s lyrics back at her, the rapper took the “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach by asking Peppa for a collaboration — in a fairly threatening way.

Peppa hasn’t yet responded to Cardi. Perhaps, as with Azalea, they’ll battle it out on the charts.

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