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Carey Price Gets A Gift From Home. Chokes Up. Then So Do We.

We've seen Carey Price make a kid's day. This time, a kid makes his.

Trent Leon doesn't say much.

But when it came time for the boy from Anahim Lake, B.C. to meet hometown hero Carey Price, he had to speak up.

Leon features in a video posted to YouTube last Friday for the Air Canada Foundation titled, "A boy and 3 gifts." It shows the day-to-day life of the small community just over 850 kilometres north of Vancouver, now most well-known for being the hometown of the star Montreal Canadiens goaltender.

In the video, Leon is selected to travel first-class to Montreal to meet Price personally, and bring a touching gift from home.

He meets Price, receives a Habs jersey and skates a little with the goaltender now being touted as a candidate for the Vezina Trophy, which recognizes the NHL player who's best at tending between the pipes.

Then it's time for Leon to speak up: he tells Price that he's brought a gift from his school.

It's a book of notes from the children. And Price can't hide his emotion when he reads it. (Watch the video above.)

We often see Carey Price making a kid's day. This time, a kid made his.

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