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Cats + Yoga Come Together For The Purrfect Promotion

If you've ever practiced yoga at home with a pet, you probably already know how impossible it is to concentrate with all that cuteness constantly coming up to you. For those who don't know, just watch the video above and you'll see what we mean.

Earlier this month Homeward Bound animal shelter in Illinois teamed up with local fitness studio Yoga at Connie's for a special class complete with six cats all available for adoption.

Yoga teacher Connie Pease told The Dodo that the partnership was a no-brainer, stating she is a cat lover and wanted to give people who like cats an opportunity to help.

Animal therapy has proven to be a beneficial method of treatment for heart attack survivors and patients with high blood pressure, NPR Science Desk reports. And according to the infographic below, by designer Gemma Busquets, a simple purr from your furry friend can help heal bones, infections and swollen muscles.

So although, you might end up with a cat on your back or tail touching your nose, the health benefits alone are a good enough reason to try yoga with a feline friend.

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