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Caterpillars Cover Saskatchewan Woman's Property And It's Super Disgusting

Tammi Hanowski says as soon as she cleans them up, they're back again.

It’s a good thing that one Saskatchewan woman isn’t squeamish about caterpillars, because there are hundreds of thousands of them on her property.

Tammi Hanowski, who lives near Saskatoon, has been dealing with a true infestation of tent caterpillars recently.

"No matter what you do — you'll sweep them, you'll vacuum them — and in 10 seconds it's like they're just there again," she told CBC Saskatoon.

She first noticed the critters last weekend, but they have multiplied since then.

Videos showing seas of the creatures climbing up her exterior walls, on her deck and all over her lawn have gone viral on Facebook. In one, she sinks her boot into a thick layer of them.

Saskatoon’s pest management supervisor, Jeff Boone, told CTV Saskatoon last month that the city is seeing an outbreak of tent caterpillars for the fourth year in a row. They typically come back in huge numbers every summer that there's an outbreak, he said.

Hanowski told CTV she suspects that the caterpillars moved close to her house after eating the foliage of trees in her yard.

“It only bothers me because it’s frustrating not being able to open the pool, not being able to sit outside,” she said.

People have been posting removal tips on Facebook, but she told 650 CKOM she and her family have tried everything already.

"Everyone posting the same things: use your vegetable oil, use vinegar, malathion, use Ambush — we've done it all," she said.

She plans to wait until they die, she told CTV.

“The clean-up after is going to be horrendous.”

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