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Celebrity Health: 13 Stars With Terrible Health Habits

13 Celebrities Known For Their Bad Health Habits

Most of us would love to get celebrity advice on success and weight loss, but when it comes to specific health habits — don't even bother.

When there's pressure to always look your best for the public eye and resources to get the best trainers out there for your personal and physical health, some celebrities continue to fall into bad health habits.

While some habits are easier to fix, like Selena Gomez's love for M&Ms, Kit Kats and Snickers candy bars and Emma Watson's noted bad posture, other celebrities have struggled with harmful addictions or are still trying to quit habits of smoking, excessive drinking and drug abuse.

Some of these habits have even led to arrests. Just last week, singer Fiona Apple was arrested for drug possession, according to police in Texas, and actress Amanda Bynes was recently charged with driving on a suspended license and is facing a pending DUI charge, according to the Daily Mail.

But a lot can be learned from past mistakes: Here are 13 celebrities with ugly health habits and why you shouldn't follow in their footsteps:

Bad Posture: Emma Watson

13 Celebrities With Bad Health Habits

Bad Posture:

You can go ahead and call it a signature look — we'll just stick to bad posture. Actress Emma Watson has been known for her one-hand-on-the-hip pose but some say this is just another example of celebrity slouching, according to the Daily Mail.

Why You Shouldn't:

Bad posture can lead to headaches, herniated (or displaced) discs and of course, back pain, according to writer Chad Buleen of eHow.

Anger Issues:

It has been reported that ex "Two and A Half Men" actor Charlie Sheen has allegedly abused and harassed women while also dealing with an alcohol and drug addiction, according to Jezebel. But as it turns out the actor's angry habits and public outbursts landed him a North American tour and show called "Anger Mangement."

Why You Shouldn't:

High levels of anger is not only unpleasant for your loved ones but it can also affect your health. Anger can lead to heart disease and high levels of stress, according to


Katherine Heigl has reportedly battled with her "stupid" smoking habit for years, according to People Magazine. The actress said she started smoking in her early 20s.

Why You Shouldn't:

Smoking has been directly linked with an increased risk of lung cancers, stroke and heart disease, according to the CDC.

Excessive Drinking:

In February, actor George Clooney revealed to the Hollywood Reporter that he sometimes "drinks too much." The actor said at times he finds himself excessively drinking for no reason late at night.

Why You Shouldn't: Excessive drinking can not only lead to addiction, but it can also increase your risk of liver diseases, stroke, depression and anxiety to name a few, according to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.

Drug Abuse:

In 2011, Demi Lovato was forced into rehab by loved ones. In April, the singer and actress revealed her history with drug abuse and the use of cocaine, according to

Why You Shouldn't:

Drug abuse can quickly lead to addiction. Cocaine abuse can lead to hyperactivity, malnutrition and anxiety, according to

Crash Diets:

Yes, we admit to being envious when Beyonce got back to her regular body size just months after giving birth. Though her exercise regime for that feat was widely reported, as it turns out, the singer in the past has also experimented with fad diets, including a 14-day liquid cleanse called The Master Cleanse that consisted of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne and water, according to The Daily Meal.

Why You Shouldn't:

Fad diets and crash diets have been known to slow down our metabolism, leading to future weight gain, according to CNN. Other risks include dehydration and cardiac stress.

Driving With Distractions:

Bad driving habits are also nothing to be proud of — and some people should just never get behind the wheel. After her recent charge of driving with a suspended license, actress Amanda Bynes has also been caught drinking and driving and texting while driving.

Why You Shouldn't: Besides being illegal in most provinces, one study found that texting and driving was even more dangerous than driving drunk, according to CNBC.

High Heels:

In 2009, fashion designer and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham revealed that she was feeling painful bunions due to her high heels. Some reports even suggested that Beckham's back injury was caused by her love of sky-high heels, according to The Daily Mail.

Why You Shouldn't: If you're wearing heels from time to time, in most cases, this should be fine. However some experts warn that wearing heels every day can shorten calf muscles by up to 13 per cent, according to Greatist.

Junk Food:

Well, to be fair, Selena Gomez is still a kid — but even kids need balance. The actress and singer told a radio show that she blamed junk food for sending her to the hospital back in 2011. The star told the show she loved M&Ms, Snickers and Kit Kat candy bars, according to People Magazine.

Why You Shouldn't:

Eating an excessive amount of junk food every day can lead to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, according to

Nail Biting:

Pop star Britney Spears has reportedly been dealing with a nail biting habit for the last few years, according to a report by TMZ. The star was photographed with bloody fingers in May on the set of her new role in "X-Factor."

Why You Shouldn't:

Lack Of Sleep:

After adopting her son, Sandra Bullock told UK's Now Magazine she was only sleeping three hours a night.

Why You Shouldn't:

Not getting the recommended seven to eight hours of daily sleep could lead to losing focus on day-to-day activities.

Excessive Tanning:

Singer Brooke Hogan has been known to constantly expose her skin to dangerous UV rays, according to Cosmopolitan.

Why You Shouldn't:

Hormone Injections:

You probably don't even want to hear about Suzanne Somers' daily morning routine. The actress revealed on Oprah in 2009 that she started her day with estrogen injections, vaginal injections and about 60 pills to fight all signs of menopause.

Why You Shouldn't:

Hormone injections to turn back the clock have been linked to diabetes, high blood pressure and swelling joints, according to

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