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Change My Mind: Is the Modern Woman Too Picky?

Incredibly, there are no statistics on this. And yet women hear about this topic all the time -- and not just from their mothers. It's an anthem playing throughout our modern culture, along with all those girl empowerment, Beyonce-style pop songs. So HuffPost put the topic to two young single men, active on the dating frontier. In our latest "Change My Mind" debate, you the reader get to decide on the loser. Just be kind. Reject him nicely.

Not gonna lie about how this topic came up. It was a late summer afternoon in the HuffPost Toronto offices, and a blog had just come in that immediately became the subject of an all-out newsroom debate.

The blog was titled: I Rejected a Good Date Because he Was a Bad Kisser.

Now, our newsroom is pretty much a direct split between men and women. Many, if not most, are young unmarrieds or newly marrieds -- plus we have a bunch of single summer interns. Thus very quickly the argument became heated, and progressed beyond the blog itself to a general discussion of, "Is the modern woman too picky?"

The one thing we could all agree on, in the end, was to put this question to two savvy male bloggers (both of whom happen to be single, therefore very much "the boots on the ground" in this battle) and let them go at it. And of course, have you, the readers, decide upon the winner.

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