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LOOK: Get Inspired By This Chris Hadfield Cartoon
Gavin Aung Than/Zen Pencils

More than a few of us Earthlings have found ourselves thoroughly inspired by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield as he zooms around our planet aboard the International Space Station, tweeting all the way.

Aside from providing us with breath-taking photos of the Earth and a gravity-free cooking lesson, Hadfield has been doling out advice to his young fans with off-planet ambitions.

During a recent Reddit AMA, Hadfield was asked to give advice for young people considering a career in space science, and his heartfelt answer hit Australian artist Gaving Aung Than hard.

"I wish someone had given me that advice when I was younger. I definitely experienced a few years of drifting aimlessly through life having forgotten what my passion was," Than told the Huffington Post Canada.

Than is the cartoonist behind Zen Pencils, a blog that turns inspirational quotes into cartoons. A reader submitted Hadfield's reply and Than turned it into a drawing depicting Hadfield's journey from a kid watching the moon landing to the soon-to-be commander of the ISS. (Scroll down to see it below).

Than says he's an avid Twitter follower of Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield) and was flattered when the astronaut tweeted his cartoon:

"The thought of Chris reading my comic up in space is so surreal and thrilling," says Than. "I also got a message from his son saying the whole family liked it."

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