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We Asked Chris Hadfield To Rate These Space Movies On Accuracy

Houston, this movie has a WHOLE bunch of problems.

Chris Hadfield is a pilot, an engineer and a musician. Oh, and there was that time he went into orbit to command the International Space Station.

Needless to say, the now retired astronaut's career path has been out of this world. But how would the former commander fare as a movie critic? Well, after visiting the Huffington Post Canada, it turns out he'd do a pretty fine job, especially when it comes to science fiction flicks.

"Interstellar... "Apollo 13"..." Galaxy Quest"... he's seen it all. Except "The Martian", that doesn't come out until October (though he does have high praises for the novel). Hadfield took some time in between promoting his upcoming album "Space Sessions: Songs from a Tin Can" and the upcoming Generator speaking tour in Toronto, to play a round of Fact or Fantasy where he rates how accurate spaces movies are.

To find out which movies nail it scientifically and the ones that don't, check out the video above.

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