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Chris Hadfield's Cover Of 'Space Oddity' A Social Media Hit

Celebs Love Hadfield's In-Orbit Music Video

Thousands of people, including celebrities, took to Twitter to express their excitement about the first music video ever recorded in space: Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's cover of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'.

Celebrities like William Shatner and Stephen Fry commented on the video — Fry called it the "Best. Thing.Ever."

Hadfield also got praise from David Bowie's official Facebook page: "It’s possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created," they wrote.

Check out some of the Twitter reactions to Hadfield's cover. Story continues below slideshow:

The video received nearly 10,000 shares on Hadfield's Facebook page and plenty of effusive comments from his followers.

"As someone who was a kid and watched the first moon landing, grew up in the '70's and loved David Bowie, this gave me chills and made me so VERY proud to be a Canadian! Thank you for this amazing experience, Commander - you are a true Canadian hero!," wrote Jan Potter Paquette.

Hadfield's time in space ends on Monday night when he returns from a five-month stint aboard the International Space Station. In that time, Hadfield has wowed the planet by tweeting photos of dramatic landscapes, demonstrating common tasks in space like wringing a wet cloth and shaving and even singing a few tunes. Check out more from Hadfield below.

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