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Christian Louboutin Expands 'Nude' Shoe Collection To Include Two New Hues

The iconic footwear brand is adding two new hues to its "nudes" collection.

Christian Louboutin has unveiled new colours added to his "Nudes" footwear collection that are designed to suit dark-skinned women.

The luxury shoe designer took to Instagram to announce the news, posting photos of seven models with very different skin colours sporting the new collection of pointed flat pumps, with chic matching tutus.

"This spring, two new hues join our Nudes collection to create a spectrum of seven suited to any skin tone, from porcelain to deep chocolate," he wrote, promising "a nude for every woman."

The flats, which feature a simple ballerina bow detail on the front and betray no visible seams, are crafted from flexible matte nappa leather designed to mimic the look and feel of skin, the designer explained. The aim is that the shoes "nearly disappear on the leg" for a light and minimalist result.

Louboutin isn't the only footwear designer concerned with creating darker nude shades to match different skin tones — last year African-American Royal Ballet soloist Eric Underwood hit the news when he uploaded footage of himself "pancaking" his pale dance shoes with dark makeup to make them blend in with his natural colouring. Earlier this month, the dancer proudly unveiled the nude "Eric Tan" shoe, created with dancewear brand Bloch. Dubbed "the world's first black flesh tone ballet shoe," the BBC reports that is set to go on sale in the near future.

While the beauty industry has been making much-needed inroads into the issue of catering for non-white skin tones for some time — and continues to do so, with singer Kelly Rowland recently revealing plans to develop a makeup line for dark skins — the fashion industry has been slower to catch on. Will Louboutin and Bloch encourage other designers to put their best foot forward?

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