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Christmas Gifts For Dad: What To Buy Your Father This Year

24 Christmas Gift Ideas Dad Will Completely Love
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Most dads are as busy as Father Christmas during the holidays. There’s the task of securing the Christmas tree, the dangerous chore of hanging decorative lights on the roof (or at least checking if the lights that have stayed up throughout summer still work), and even the role of dressing up as Old St. Nick himself – probably in an effort to get mommy to kiss Santa Claus.

All that effort deserves more than just another boring tie or garish Cosby sweater for Christmas. Here are 24 dad-gets and doo-dads that will put a twinkle in your father’s eye on December 25th.

Panasonic ES-ST25K Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver

Christmas Gifts For Dad

Panasonic ES-ST25K Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver

Price: $170

Where to buy: Panasonic

If your dad is a bear of a man (in terms of hair, not size), then the Panasonic Triple Blade Linear Milano Shaver should be among the holiday trimmings on Christmas morning. Designed in Italy, the sleek Milano Shaver is the only shaver with new Stubble Sensor Technology, which automatically adjusts the cutting power to the thickness of hair. Painful pulling, tugging, and tearing are a thing of the past as the Milano Shaver’s linear motor maintains its high speed, even when shaving thick hair – which your dad will appreciate, especially if he shaves more than just his face.

Skinfix For Men

Price: Skinfix Body Repair Balm, 2oz $16.50; Skinfix Body Repair Balm, 4oz $30.00

Where to buy: SkinFix

Behind your dad’s rugged exterior is a softer, smoother, side just waiting to get out – we’re just talking about his skin of course. Pamper dad and help him look his best with Skinfix, a Canadian skincare company that specializes in all-natural balms. Skinfix uses secret blends of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and essential oils to protect dad’s skin through the harsh winter months. And if Dad scoffs at this stocking stuffer, explain to him the difference between cared-for skin and damaged skin by showing him pictures of Brad Pitt’s face from Meet Joe Black (1998) compared to his face in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).

Bushakan Eyewear + iPhone Dock

Price: $145

Where to buy: Bushakan

If your dad is a man of style and substance, he’ll be thrilled with the luxurious Bushakan Eyewear + iPhone Dock. The docking station is so sleek that it might even make your father reminisce about his younger days, when he had a stylish bachelor pad. However, there’s also substance behind the smooth design – each Bushakan piece comes from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. That should make Dad’s conscience feel a little better, now that he has a place to store his gold-plated iPhone 5S and flashy Tom Ford aviator sunglasses.

Gadgetree Bluetooth Glove

Price: $49.99

Imagine a pair of Bluetooth enabled winter gloves that will prevent Dad from getting blue, frostbitten hands whenever he needs to use his smartphone out in the cold. The Gadgetree Bluetooth Glove allows Dad to chat on his phone while it’s in his pocket and use his hand as a handset instead – using a similar motion as if he’s talking into an imaginary phone. We tested the gloves, and the reception for both the caller and receiver was remarkably clear. It was easy to answer incoming calls, since you instinctively just have to perform the “call me” motion with your hand. Aside from acting as a covert telephone, the gloves themselves are warm, without feeling bulky.

Appleton Estate 12-year-old Jamaica Rum

Price: $39.95

Where to buy: Your local liquor store (but more information at Appleton Estate)

In the aftermath of another hectic holiday season, there are likely three things your dad enjoys seeing as he sits back and surveys the scene: 1. The kids asleep underneath the Christmas tree, blanketed by discarded wrapping paper. 2. Tire tracks on the driveway as the in-laws head back home. 3. A glass of rum to celebrate the rare moment of tranquility. Instead of giving Dad just any rum, stuff his stocking with Appleton Estate Jamaica 12-year old Rum. The rum comes in specially created elegant gift canisters and can be enjoyed on the rocks or as the base for cocktails. But after extended holiday time being shaken and stirred by various family members, your dad will probably prefer his rum straight up.

Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Price: $71.99

Where to buy: ThinkGeek

Papa’s got a brand new bag – a man bag that is. This replica Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag is made of faux leather and is large enough to carry an 11” laptop, a tablet, or net book. And just in case people don’t believe your dad when he says he’s holding Chewbacca’s bag, there’s an embossed Star Wars logo on the front flap. Welcome to the dark side … of men’s fashion.

Adidas miCoach SMART RUN watch

Price: $400

Where to buy: Adidas

After several festive dinners full of trimmings, Dad is going to need some help trimming the extra holiday heft. Adidas recently released the miCoach SMART RUN – a fitness watch that monitors heart rate and features an accelerometer that counts every step so Dad can track his stride rate. The watch is also equipped with an MP3 player, which provides Bluetooth® wireless music and audible fitness coaching. As such, the only thing your dad has to worry about getting tangled are his shoelaces. Be sure to warn your dad about the miCoach SMART RUN’s ability to track speed, distance, and route details using GPS technology, making it harder for him to cover up his secret runs to Burger King.

HP Chromebook 11

Price: $299.99

Where to buy: HP

Here’s a gift tip: Guys like chrome. May it be car parts, motorcycle accessories, or electronics – Dad will appreciate any gift that is metal and shiny. As such, he’ll undoubtedly like a chrome laptop. The just-released HP Chromebook 11 features 2GB of memory, data storage up to 16 GB, plus 100 GB of backup Google Drive Storage, and a quick start-up function to get your dad online in seconds. And yes, a nice shiny exterior too.

TIMEX Intelligent Quartz™ Linear Indicator Chronograph

Price: $285

Where to buy: Timex

Time after time, a watch can be counted on as a gift that any dad would appreciate. For some men, there can never be too many watches – especially if it is a handsome looking timepiece with an array of special functions that isn't so expensive as to be worn with a side of fear. The new TIMEX IQ Linear Chronograph will keep the minutes by using every tiny detail, including a 4-hour stopwatch, water resistance up to 100m, and time zone functions.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Price: 8-inch ($249) and 10-inch ($299)

Where to buy: Lenovo

If your dad would not go near a yoga mat in a million years, you can have a little fun and play this trick: Get a Lululemon bag and wrap it over the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. Then watch your dad’s face when he thinks you got him yoga pants (the see-through kind, no less)…but then watch his expression change when he realizes you actually got him one of the most versatile new tablets on the market. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet features three unique modes. With hold, tilt and stand options, the tablet adapts to the way people use it instead of forcing people to adapt to the technology. Although the tablet is incredibly transformable, make sure your dad doesn’t try to make it do a Downward Dog.

Megular’s DA Power System for cars

Price: $64.99

Where to buy: Canadian Tire

While children dream of fairies and sugarplums this Christmas, Dad is probably dreaming of a red convertible. He may not get that Ferrari on Christmas morning, but at least you can make sure that his mini van always looks top notch. Meguiar’s DA Power System is a dual action household drill attachment that will help Dad compound, polish and wax his car faster and safer than most alternatives. It will leave that mini-van looking spotless and brand spanking new.

Golfer’s Putter Pool

Price: $33.37

Where to buy:

What if you were able to combine two of your dad’s favourite hobbies into one awesome Christmas gift? Now you can, with the Golfer’s Putter Pool from The gift set lets your dad try a new game that involves putting golf balls with a pool stick. Dad can even call some of his golf buddies over for an indoor foursome — he just may want to make sure he gets some practice in first.

Guitar Collection Pint Glasses

Price: $53.15

Where to buy:

If Dad always dreamed of being a rock star, now he can at least drink like one. The Guitar Collection Pint Glasses comes in a set of four 15-ounce glasses, with each glass emblazoned with the sand-etched likeness of a classic electric or acoustic guitar. For the ultimate effect, makes sure the opening lines to Bon Jovi’s "You Give Love a Bad Name" is playing the background (“Shot to the heart…”) when he opens his gift. Then have a shot of eggnog with him.

DC57 Dyson Hard vacuum

Price: $349.99

Where to buy: Dyson

It might seem a little odd to give your dad a vacuum for Christmas. But the DC57 Dyson Hard is no ordinary vacuum. In fact, it’s a hi-tech vacuum and mop at the same time that combines suction with a wet wipe, using a double-edge cleaner head that sucks up dirt and debris before and after the wipe. Dad will be floored by the vacuum’s powerful v2 motor, lithium-ion battery (so he doesn’t have to worry about cords) and patented Root Cyclone™ technology. There is even a special “Boost Mode” that offers even more powerful suction.

Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt for iPhone 4S and 5

Price: $249.99 (available online only)

Where to buy: The Home Depot

The Kevo Bluetooth Enabled Deadbolt is a perfect stocking stuffer for dads who often lose their keys. No more fumbling for keys — your dad just needs his smartphone to open the lock. Dad can even send an electronic key (eKey) to family or friends who have a compatible smartphone so they can use their phone as a key too. If he doesn’t have a smartphone, he can simply use a fob that is included in the Kevo package to open the lock as well. Dad can even receive notifications of activity and manage the lock and eKeys with the Kevo Mobile App. Hence, teenagers should get their stories straight before gifting a Kevo.

UnderArmour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Electro Jacket

Price: $289.99

Where to buy:

The new Under Armour ColdGear Infrared jacket will let your dad know what it feels like to compete in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. It will keep him warm and dry using the same technology that the Canadian National Snowboard Team uses on the slopes in international competition. We got a chance to test out one of Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared jackets in the harshest of environments: Waiting outside for the bus on a bitterly cold night in Toronto. With strong winds howling and frost already forming on the bus shelter’s glass window, we didn’t feel a thing. We didn’t feel stuffy either, thanks to the waterproof, breathable design and soft, thermo-conductive inner coating.

Panasonic DMP-MST60 Streaming media player

Price: $109.99

Where to buy:

Dad is going to be a busy guy over the holidays, hopping from one room to the next. The Panasonic DMP-MST60 Streaming media player will allow him to display and share internet content, videos, and pictures from a tablet to a large screen. Better yet, the DMP-MST60 streamer supports 3D videos and HD video on demand.

Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger

Price: $199.95

Where to buy:

This is a perfect gift if you have a dad who is always down to 4% of battery life on his cell phone and likes to think of himself as a modern-day MacGyver. The Thermodynamic Cell Phone Charger can restore the drained batteries of electronic devices by boiling water. The pot includes a 4-oz. camp stove with electric ignition; a 3' long heat-resistant charging cable; a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack that can charge phones when a heat source isn't available; and adapters for most phones and USB devices. Using the laws of thermoelectricity, this unassuming pot becomes a generator, converting heat into electricity anywhere an AC outlet isn't available – such as at camp, the ballet, or a couples' retreat. Four hours of heat fully can restore a dead cell phone to 100% power.

Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable

Price: $160

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters

Back in the old days (your father’s time), records were actually used for listening to music – rather than for DJ scratching. Your dad might have boxes and boxes of records collecting dust somewhere because he doesn’t have a record player anymore. The Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable is able to convert Dad’s old records into portable MP3 songs that he can play on his smartphone – while working out and sweating to the oldies. The turntable comes with easy-to-use software (Mac and PC compatible) that connects to decks and MP3 players. It also boasts built-in full-range stereo speakers and a retro wood design.

Special Edition Blue Balls by Buckyballs

Price: $18.49 (for 216 blue balls)

Where to buy: Buckyballs

Show your love this holiday season by giving your dad a set of blue balls by Buckyballs. The limited-edition magnetic balls can be can be shaped, molded, torn apart and snapped together in unlimited ways. Each Buckyball cube contains 216 powerful magnets. Your dad will have his hands full with hours of fun and stress relief.

Superhero Leg Lamp

Price: $34.99 for either Batman’s leg or Superman’s leg

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth

In cherished holiday film A Christmas Story, one of the funniest scenes occurs when little Ralphie’s mom breaks the sexy Leg Lamp that his dad won. Let your dad reminisce about his own memories of watching A Christmas Story and combine it with his boyhood love of superheroes with the Batman or Superman Leg Lamp! The lamp’s light bulb under the lampshade and the 20-inch superhero leg both light up. Just be sure to keep the lamp away from your mom.

X Slimmy Stealth Leather Wallet

Price: $42

Where to buy: Koyono

The fashion trend these days suggest that guys don’t like walking around with a thick wallet that bulges their pants like Jon Hamm from Mad Men. And your dad is likely no exception. The X Slimmy Stealth leather wallet does everything its name suggests. The minimalist design and tension engineered materials work together to compress a wallet filled with credit cards, driver’s license and cash into interior side slots. The wallet even features RFID protection (Radio-frequency identification is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data), so that identity thieves won’t even bother checking out your dad’s rear end.

Epson Expression Premium XP-810 Small-in-One

Price: $179.99

Where to buy: Epson

If your dad is into instant gratification, get him the Epson Expression Premium XP-810 Small-in-One, which lets him wirelessly print and share photos immediately from his smartphone or tablet on Christmas morning. If he wants to get a little more creative, he even has the ability to produce customized greeting cards and stationery, and print photos onto CD/DVDs, all from the convenience of his mobile device. Just remind dad to erase any private photos of the Mrs. Claus outfit he got mom before he presses Print All.

Lighter Cufflinks

Price: $90.00

Where to buy: Cool Material

Your dad likes to think he’s as suave as James Bond, so get him secret gadget cufflinks that make him equipped like 007. The Lighter Cufflinks look like classy vintage-style silver cufflinks – but they also convert into real lighters. Dad will wear these cufflinks and hang around the smokers’ section, just dying for anyone to ask if he has a light.

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