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Christmas Gifts For Kids That Shatter Stereotypes

The gendered gifting thing is soooo 2000-late.

It isn’t hard to fall into the trap of gendered gifting when it comes to buying Christmas presents for kids.

Everything is always pink or blue, “masculine” or “feminine,” perfectly coded so you don’t even realize that you’ve just purchased and wrapped up the most tired stereotypes and shoved them underneath the tree.

Well, if you’re looking to turn all of that on its head, we’re here to help.

Without further ado, here’s our list of 19 Christmas gifts for kids that shatter all those stereotypes you’ve struggled to avoid.

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Mattel “Creatable World” doll


If your kids are prone to performing makeshift surgeries on their toys (so they can transplant limbs and clothing from one to another), the answer is this. Mattel’s line of gender-neutral dolls gives kids the freedom to mix and match as they please, removing the limits of who and what their characters can be.

How much? $39.97

Where to get it: Walmart

LEGO Women of NASA


Who says toys can’t be fun and educational? Lego’s Women of NASA set highlights the achievements of some of the company’s most celebrated female scientists and astronauts, all without compromising what makes the toys so great.

How much? $59.99

Where to get it: Amazon

I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings


I Am Jazz tells the story of a young transgender kid, and is based on the real-life story of Jazz Jennings, a 19-year-old YouTuber and LGBT rights activist. It’s hopeful, clear, and told in a simple way that can help kids of any gender address difficult questions they might have about identity.

How much? $18

Where to get it: Indigo

Tybo Tie Dye Design Studio


You don’t have to be a fashion designer to make your own clothes. This little design studio lets kids take (part of) their wardrobes into their own hands (and it won’t make a mess).

How much? $39.95

Where to get it: Indigo

Skyrocket Blume doll


All toys don’t need to be action figures. This one literally blooms from a flower pot with just a few drops of water, then opens up to reveal its own inner world — and its own little friend.

How much? $22.99

Where to get it: Amazon

Yoga Joes

Uncommon Goods

These troops don’t use guns. Their weapon, instead, is “inner peace.”

How much? $33

Where to get it: Uncommon Goods

Large Fears by Myles E. Johnson


Kids love to dream big, but sometimes fears get in the way and make things hard. Large Fears is a beautifully illustrated book about a queer Black boy who conquers the things that scare him the most ... and in the end, his courage pays off.

How much? $19.99

Where to get it: MagCloud

Mofajang temporary coloured hair wax


Hair is a great way for anyone to express themselves — especially kids, who don’t have all the hangups and uncertainties that adults do. These temporary coloured hair waxes are perfect for experimenting, because they’re easy to wash out. Blue hair today, green hair next week? No problem.

How much? $48.39

Where to get it: Amazon

Little Feminist Mini Memory Match game

Uncommon Goods

Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart — it’s never too early to introduce kids to some of the women who have made some of the largest historical contributions to the world.

How much? $6.60

Where to get it: Mudpuppy

Melissa & Doug wooden project workbench


Let kids release their inner builders (and imaginations) with this sturdy wooden workbench.

How much? $124.95

Where to get it: Indigo

Fashion Angels accessory design kit


Clothes are another fun way that kids love to express themselves. This accessory kit gives them the freedom to bedazzle or sticker things as they see fit — like their own unique imprint or signature, but with jewels.

How much? $18.95

Where to get it: Indigo

Inside Out Box of Mixed Emotions


This box of storybooks is a fun way to introduce your kid to emotions (as Disney characters) and how to talk about them.

How much? $16.26

Where to get it: Amazon

Wildlife Photographer Mia doll


This little Mia doll comes equipped with a bucket hat, a camera, and a cochlear implant.

How much? $34

Where to get it: Lottie

Julián Is a Mermaid by Jessica Love


A book about a boy who dazzles the world by making his own mermaid costume. What’s not to love in a story about love, acceptance, and the beauty of being seen for who we are?

How much? $22.76

Where to get it: Amazon

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Toys R Us

Anyone and everyone can play house in this faux rustic kitchen. (Maybe they’ll even learn to clean up after themselves, too.)

How much? $129.97

Where to get it: Toys R Us

Sushi Rolls Not Gender Roles tote bag


Everyone has stuff, and everyone should have at least one tote bag they can use to carry that stuff. This one even has a great message on it, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

How much? $34.31

Where to get it: Etsy

Votes for Women puzzle

Uncommon Goods

School doesn’t always thoroughly cover all the history we might want to know. This 500-piece puzzle is an activity you can do together to teach kids about some of the leading women who led the charge in securing the vote.

How much? $29

Where to get it: Uncommon Goods

Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood by Robin Stevenson

Uncommon Goods

Even the greatest, most heroic people were once children. Kid Activists is a way to show kids how and when some of our foremost revolutionaries started out their journeys.

How much? $15.79

Where to get it: Amazon

A good ol’ balance bicycle


Because you can’t go wrong with a good bike.

How much? $79.99

Where to get it: Walmart, or anywhere else that sells bikes!

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