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Clothes And Personality: What Your Favourite Colour Says About You (INFOGRAPHIC)

What Your Clothing Colour Says About You

If you're always wearing black, it's not just because you want to look chic.

Wearing black could mean you're authoritative and timeless — at least according to an infographic by fashion website

The graphic lists popular colour tones and explores what they mean for the person who wears them. Some are pretty obvious: green (think the shade of our $20 bills) makes one appear wealthy or refreshing, and wearing white portrays cleanliness.

One study published in Glamour Magazine found wearing shades of red makes you appear sexier. While other colours like teal, rose and eggplant flatter every skin tone (that according to

What's more, our colour or shade sartorial choices change depending on our mood. In the summer, we tend to wear lighter and brighter colours, and, in the fall, our choices get warmer and darker.

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