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How To Make Clothing Donations In A Way That's Actually Helpful

“Donation bins are not for garbage,” Diabetes Canada wrote.

Everyone has different ways to stave off cabin fever. Some people are dancing or baking or drawing. Some people are regularly video-chatting with dozens of their closest friends. Some are just sleeping a lot.

But one popular quarantine activity, clearly, is cleaning out old closets and drawers. Under normal circumstances, donating old clothing that’s still in good condition is a great thing to do — but donations, like so many other things, have been upended by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Many donation centres, including Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Diabetes Canada, have closed down. That means there’s no one there to pick up collections — but it doesn’t seem like the word has gotten out, since a ton of people are just leaving their stuff on the ground near unattended bins.

“Donation bins are not for garbage,” Diabetes Canada wrote in a tweet.

Although they’re closed for now, donation bins will reopen eventually — so if you have the storage space, consider keeping your items for now.

If you want to donate to people in need right now, non-perishable food to food banks and shelters or cash donations to a wide variety of communities in need are always helpful.

Here are some resources for areas that can use donations:

Watch the video above to see more about how to handle your clothing and textile donations.

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