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CN Tower's New Mascot Is Frightening People, And Boring Them

Really, peeps? Really?

Why did they even try?

The CN Tower may not have received the response it wanted Tuesday when it unveiled its new mascot: a walking version of the tower.

The Toronto tourist attraction's new ambassador wears a long, grey structured tunic and a tiny model of the structure on its head.

For those expecting at least a smidgen of creativity, the mascot was quite a letdown.

There's a 100% chance the new CN Tower mascot is the first idea that they came up with

— Stats Canada (@stats_canada) July 19, 2017

Others did not like it one bit, calling it "tacky,""foolish" and "a joke, right?"

"Wow never seen a tampon without the packaging," wrote one person.

But this is not the first time someone has donned a tower costume, as Twitter users pointed out.

But the novelty of a bipedal tower may actually be good for promotion.

Actor Kal Penn shared a picture from a recent visit with the tiny tower on Instagram, prompting a reference to the stoner he plays in the Harold and Kumar movie series, Kumar Patel.

A post shared by Kal Penn (@kalpenn) on

"This reminds me of the scene where Kumar had a fantasy about the bag of weed," wrote one commenter on Penn's post.

Then another person just had to make a most unfortunate comparison.

"Anybody notice how this mascot resemble a kkk costume? Please consider another options before this is going further," they wrote.

And despite a HuffPost Canada editor's comment the designer(s) probably wanted to avoid anything that looked phallic, they clearly didn't go far enough.

But before people got too upset, Toronto-based radio station KiSS 92.5 reminded us what the tower's very first mascot looked like.

The tiny tower is slightly less nightmare inducing, right?

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