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CNE Food: Cronut Burger, Nutella Fries And More Food Thrills At The Ex

10 Things To Eat At The Ex
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If you love bacon and anything deep-fried and delicious, it's time to head to the Ex.

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) kicks off on Friday, Aug. 16 until Monday Sept. 2 in Toronto, and just like every other year, the carnival features some of the most over-the-top and artery-clogging creations we've ever seen.

New to the table is the $10 cronut burger: part doughnut, part croissant and part cheeseburger, topped with maple-bacon jam. Let's just say it's an acquired taste. Other weird new menu items include a bacon and peanut butter milkshake, a "spice cream cone" topped with chili flakes and bacon bits and "shaved snow."

Personally, we loved some of the simple yet inventive creations, like sweet potato fries delicately drizzled with Nutella, icing sugar and sea salt, and the gelato panini — chocolate hazelnut ice cream generously served in a soft brioche bun.

Regular CNE food attractions also include Tiny Toms Donuts,the Colossal Onion and the waffle ice cream sandwiches that you can find every year. And for all those carnival traditionalists out there, we saw lots of stands for corn dogs, cotton candy and brain-chilling slushies.

The Ex also features a fully-stocked food building offering Asian, European and vegetarian-friendly cuisine. Meanwhile, 17 food trucks will be on Princes' Boulevard for a mobile food frenzy, and if you haven't already had enough ribs this summer, there will also be a 16-day Ribfest event.

What do you want to try this year? What will you stay away from? Let us know in the comments below:

Cronut Burger

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