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CNE Foods 2019: Food Trends Gone Wild Include Pickle Lemonade And Pierogi Burger

If you like spicy food, pickles, and extreme excess, you're in luck.

The food at the Canadian National Exhibition is not known for its subtlety. Every year the offerings get more and more outrageous, and every year organizers try to top the previous year’s options. None of the over-the-top concepts (cheese on cheese on cheese) or nonsense mashups (frozen cookie dough spaghetti?) should shock us. But still!

Here are a few of the most ridiculous food offerings from the 2019 CNE.

The most decadent friend chicken sandwich in the world
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This is a hot Cheetos-encrusted fried chicken sandwiched between two cheese-stuffed Doritos. Yup.
Nacho chip burger
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Another, "tamer" version of the nacho/burger combination.
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Two seasoned ribs on a sandwich, with pickles and red onion. Like the McRib, but on fancier bread, and to be consumed while looking at a butter sculpture.
Deep-fried avocado
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Avocado toasty.
Rainbow grilled cheese
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Giving Skittles a run for their money.
Dill-pickle lemonade
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For those puzzling kinds of people who like their sweet, tart lemonade with a heaping serving of dill.
Deep-fried tacos
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Deep-fried veal taco shells with sausage (left) or veggies (right). In case regular tacos aren't hard enough to eat on the go.
Fried chicken in a crepe
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Fried thing tucked inside another fried thing with a mac and cheese-looking sauce? Guaranteed to be a hit.
"Wakin' Bacon"
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Waffle bowl loaded with tater tots, eggs, bacon and hollandaise sauce. For when you want your breakfast all day, and as extravagant as possible.
Funnel cake fried chicken sandwich
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"Yeah, I love fried chicken, but I don't feel like there's enough that's deep-fried on my plate..."
Dorito-encrusted corn dog
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How can you go wrong?
Deep-fried Oreos
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What's most surprising here, honestly, is that this hasn't already been done thousands of times.
Pickle pizza
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So. Many. Pickles!
Pierogi burger
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Yes, that's a row of potato and cheese pierogies under the beef, along with sour cream, cheese, bacon and aioli.
BBQ quail
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Nothing like taking a super-fancy food, throwing it on the BBQ, and eating it while you wait in line for a roller coaster.
Rainbow funnel cake
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Come on, you have to admit this is pretty fun to look at.
Tim Hortons / Chips Ahoy Iced Cap
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For the iced cap lover who wants a little cookie in their cold coffee/slush drink.
Twizzler slush
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Guaranteed to stain your tongue.
Pound cake French toast
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Sometimes you're craving French toast but it just doesn't feel decadent enough, you know?

Happy eating!

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