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CNE Foods: 2015 Includes Deep-Fried Oreos, Poutine Balls And A Jamaican Patty Burger

So much sweet and savoury goodness! (And ton's of poutine)!

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is ready to offer up chicken waffles on a stick, a deep-fried red velvet Oreo and a sweet, sweet poutine (or two).

Notable food items at this year's CNE include Bub's Bad Boy Burger (a spicy cheeseburger, honey garlic-fried chicken between two Jamaican beef patties, with pepper jack cheese, wasabi cucumber, hickory sticks, tomato, Sriracha mayo and buttermilk coleslaw) via Bub's Bad@ss Burgers for $12; garlic snow crab fries (fries served with garlic aioli and fresh snow crab and topped with garlic and dill) via Jake's Lobster; and the deep-fried rice pudding balls via Fran's that will sell for $8.00.

Although we already knew about the Cake Poutine ahead of time (fries made from vanilla bean cake along with sweet gravy and white chocolate chips for cheese curds), we are pleased to report poutine was definitely on trend this year. And we can't forget about that very exciting Tim Hortons Timbits poutine, now can we?

And like previous years, your favourites like Tiny Tom Donuts, Epic Burgers & Waffles (home to the donut burger and previously the cronut burger), and The Colossal Onion are all in full operation. And besides the Food Building, you can still find your favourite fair classics like ice cream waffles sandwiches and corn dogs throughout the grounds.

The Ex this year will also feature a food truck festival from August 28 to 30, Ribfest at Bandshell Park and a brand new Craft Beer Fest of local brewed goods.

Last year's Exhibition food scene included deep-fried peanut butter sriracha rolls, chocolate fried chicken and a s'more bao made with Nutella. And while food items continue to change every year, we still haven't seen any (purposely) insect-ridden foods to compete with the Calgary Stampede.

On a side note, we would like to put in a formal request for deep-fried poutine bars or something Epic Meal Time-worthy like Bacon bacon bacon weave bacon bacon sandwich lasagna ... on a stick.

Check out 23 items from this year's CNE and let us know, which ones look the most appetizing to you?

Chicken Waffle On A Stick

CNE Foods 2015

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