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10 Coworkers You Want To Avoid During Flu Season

Guy who doesn't wash his hands? We see you.

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Editor's note: This story was originally published in 2016. Sadly, flu season comes around every year.

Stay healthy, Canada.

It is officially cold and flu season in Canada, and despite all your best efforts (like getting the flu shot, or keeping your immune system in tip-top shape), there's still the possibility of you getting hit by the virus.

And the number one culprit? Probably the people you work with.

After all, who doesn't have that co-worker who comes to work with a sore throat, claiming "I'm sure it's just an early morning thing"? Or the one who talks about the stomach bug going around their kid's daycare and just happens to have to run to the washroom before the morning meeting?

In good news, Health Canada reveals the most recent flu numbers show a downward trend from years past, so hopefully that new flu shot really is working its magic.

But just in case, here are the people you'll want to shift away from in the elevator — so they can't take you down with them.

The One Who Doesn't Wash Their Hands
James Lauritz via Getty Images
Washing your hands is the number one defense against germs. So if you notice anyone coming out of the bathroom with dry hands... do yourself a favour and avoid them.
The One Who Sneezes Into Their Hands via Getty Images
Yep, this goes hand-in-hand with not washing them, except it's worse. You'll want to stay away from any computers, doorknobs, etc. this person touches too.
The One Who Rubs Their Nose And Eyes
moodboard via Getty Images
Someone who often rubs their orifices is more likely to spread germs into them, and then, to you.
The One With The Sore Throat
Michaela Begsteiger via Getty Images
If someone's complaining about a sore throat, stay away. It's a standard symptom of the flu, and can show up one to four days after they get the virus — exactly the time when it's the most contagious.
The One Who's Always Shivering
ugurhan via Getty Images
Sure, some offices are just freezing, but people who are cold could be displaying signs of a weakened immune system — or worse, the start of the chills that come with the flu.
The One Who Can't Stop Coughing
Aaron Haupt via Getty Images
It could be lingering from a previous illness, or it could mean the start of one. Either way, steer clear.
The One Who Doesn't Drink Water
Creatas via Getty Images
Unfair? Maybe. But people who are dehydrated could be more likely to get sick, because their systems aren't being cleaned out in the same way. Plus, if they're already getting sick, they could be getting dehydrated faster, which will keep them from recovering.
The One Who Keeps Falling Asleep
JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images
If they look like they can barely keep their heads up anymore (and usually are coming up with all the ideas in the meeting), it could be time to tell them to head home.
The One With The Small Children
Sally Anscombe via Getty Images
Sorry, but it's true — your kids are tiny germ delivery systems, and you are their disease carrier.

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