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Can The Cold Weather Make You Sick?

You've probably heard your parents tell you a hundred times never to leave the house without a hat, scarf and gloves during the winter, but do cold temperatures (especially in Canada) actually make us sick?

Not dressing warmly enough is often blamed as the cause of catching a cold, but according to a video by AsapSCIENCE, it may have to do more with staying at home.

The video explains colds and the flu are caused by viruses (and if you're wondering what symptoms might look like, we also have a guide on that as well), and if you stay indoors all winter, you have a higher risk of catching a cold.

You see, ladies and germs, if you surround yourself indoors with people who are already sick, it's more likely that pathogens of the virus will spread to you. So now you can prove your parents wrong, right? Not so fast.

The video above also goes into interesting studies about people who got sick after dipping their feet in cold water and another study on how cold weather can constrict blood vessels, slowing down white blood cells and keeping them from doing their job at blocking potential threats to our health.

The moral of the story? Put on a hat outside and avoid other people inside. And wait for spring.

Check out the video and let us know, what time of the year do you get sick the most?

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