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Couple Serves Marijuana At Wedding
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With this joint, I thee wed.

A Colorado couple passed out marijuana cigarettes at their wedding earlier this month, and according to the New York Times, this is a budding trend.

In addition to weed-inspired floral arrangements and accessories, Lauren Meisels and Bradley Melshenker's nuptial gift bag included a joint, and lip balm with some THC infusions as a token of their appreciation.

Last September, Colorado became the first state in the U.S. to legalize recreational marijuana sales and usage. The state's first retail shops opened on New Year's Day in 2014, and licenses began to be distributed that same day. But, a Seattle-based wedding planner says this party favour is no longer taboo in more states than Colorado.

Kelli Bielema tells the Times wedding weed use is "out of the closet now," even in her state of Washington. "I did a wedding recently where they had a little box, like a trinket box, and it had a bunch of joints in it. They just passed it around, and said, ‘Here, enjoy yourself.’”

This isn't an entirely new story. Back in April, Jane West of Edible Events Co. told MSN that BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) events were becoming increasingly popular in Boulder, CO.

“We’re going to start thinking of cannabis like alcohol, and we’re moving towards regulating cannabis like alcohol and normalizing its consumption,” said West. “It’s the new wine. I think Colorado will see a lot more destination weddings for this reason.”

However, unlike Colorado, in Canada, purchases of recreational marijuana are indeed illegal, though those with a specific, federal medical certificate can buy and use it legally.

An ABC News poll, conducted in conjunction with The Knot, asked 1,000 respondents about whether they would attend a wedding that was marijuana-friendly. The findings are as follows:

"As of March 4, 2014, 67 per cent voted "Yeah! I'd love to go to that wedding," 22 per cent voted "No! Drugs don't belong at weddings," and the remaining 11 per cent kept things neutral, stating "I'm not for or against it.""

Would you attend a marijuana-friendly wedding?

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