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Company Sells Native American Headdress, Says It's Not Racist In The Worst Way Possible

Company Claims It's Not Racist In The Worst Way Possible
Dolls Kill

Tis the season to dress up like Pocahontas! Sigh.

With Halloween approaching, people are searching for costumes and unfortunately, some of them distinctively fall into the cultural appropriation category.

Take the company Dolls Kill, which sells products such as a "Fringed Feather Headpiece" (formerly titled "Battle Feather Headdress," because UGH) and a "Fringed Benefits Costume" that isn't racist at all. (That's sarcasm, btw.)

One Tumblr user decided to call them out on their blatant racism by writing them an email, titled "Your Store Is Racist." The company's response was just awful.

It reads:

"Hey doll,

The last thing DollsKill would be/represent is Racist--we love and value individuality and originality! Our company was created to represent dolls of all flavors/colors/ideals/etc--we're here for the Misfits, Miss Legits, and EVERYTHING in between!

I'm sorry if that costume offended you, but to call us "racist" is pretty RIDICULOUS.

We're brassy, sassy, stick it up your asssyy kinda company--not for the easily offended norm culture, so take a chill pill and get your panties out of bunch...because it ain't that serious cutie ;)




Ok, first of all, who describes their company as "asssy"? Also, telling a customer to "get their panties out of a bunch" is just rude and insulting.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first company who has used cultural appropriation for profit. Urban Outfitters was sued for selling Navajo-inspired products and caused outrage after selling a t-shirt that featured the Star of David.

Cultural appropriation is also rampant in the fashion industry. Pharrell Williams was forced to apologize for an Elle cover that showed him wearing a headdress and Victoria's Secret was lambasted for sending model Karlie Kloss down the runway wearing a Native American headdress. Can we all just stop wearing headdresses as costumes, already?

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