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Comedians Jo Koy, Uncle Roger's Trick For Cooking Rice Takes One Finger

No more Mr. Rice Guys.

We’ve finally reached the stage in the pandemic where the world is getting in on a pastime Asian households have enjoyed since time immemorial: talking about rice.

It’s a hobby — dare we say, a lifestyle — that unites many cultures. After all, the beloved staple is the backbone of most meals for over half the planet.

When you eat something that often, you’re bound to have Gordon Ramsay levels of critique for anyone who dishonours how you enjoy the great side-dish. Woe unto anyone who serves raw, mushy rice like in the clip below.

Some discussions have been more heated. A routine by Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng in particular has ignited online rice discourse, after a clip of his “Uncle Roger” character went viral for his horrified reactions while watching a BBC cooking show’s rendition of fried rice.

Jokes about the clip’s use of a colander being a travesty became a hot topic. However, several pointed out that the cook’s steps are traditional for many South Asians.

Is there at least one thing we can all agree is essential to cooking perfect rice?

Filipino comedian Jo Koy has the answer. Koy recently re-shared a clip from his Netflix special “Comin’ In Hot” on Instagram, where he gets into the childhood woes of learning how to make rice from your mom.

If you’ve ever struggled carrying a bag as big as you home from the supermarket, Koy’s words will resonate. What really shines in his routine are the measurements; a “coffee mug with a broken handle” serves as a measuring cup for the rice. He also nails learning the divine ratio.

“How much water do I add?” he asks in the clip.

To that, he shows exactly how his mom and likely many moms taught their kids: By showing their middle finger. Specifically, the first line on it. Many are able to gauge how much water is needed by filling pots until they reach the first line.

It’s a well-known trick that somehow universally ensures the fluffiest bowl. In the full video on Uncle Roger’s reaction, he also endorses the finger method.

“Just use finger! Finger! First joint, you measure the finger,“are his words of wisdom.

Fans of both echoed their praise for this simple technique, passed on from generation to generation.

If your rice falls under the mushy category, one Twitter user shared their simple diagram for practicing the trick. No excuses now!

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