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Corona Is One Of 2020's Top 100 Baby Names Because Of Course

Other inspirations include a princess, a Canadian actor and the great outdoors.
Exceptional names for an exceptional year
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Exceptional names for an exceptional year

Finding the perfect name for your baby is a big deal for new parents. Some moms and dads will name their infant after the season, month or day of the week; some after a beloved family member.

And some this year are choosing a moniker that pays homage to the extraordinary year 2020 has been, with everyone changing their daily lives beyond recognition, because of the global pandemic.

Pregnancy website “The Bump” released its Top 100 Most Popular Baby Names this month, and, for the first time, Corona appeared, in the one hundredth spot on the “girls’ name” list. (As an aside, parents are typically less concerned these days with traditional gendered names for their kids, so while the rankings are interesting, there’s no reason not to just go with the name you love most).

Here are some of the other baby name trends of note in the first half of 2020:

Top-ranked baby names

The number one spots were taken by Mila and Braxton. Mila has its origins in Spanish and means “miracle,” which is fitting for our times. Braxton, more commonly a last name, is an old English name meaning Brock’s town, or badger (the cute woodland animal, not the verb!).

-A and -er endings

So many names ending in the -a sound this year! Among them are Aria, Amelia, Mia, Luna, Ximena and Zia, as well as Shea, Ezra, Elijah and Micah. The -er ending is popular too, with Archer, Asher, River, Harper and Sawyer among the most-picked so far this year.

Famous inspirations

Keanu Reeves has been making headlines a lot recently, so it’s no surprise to see the beloved Canadian actor’s moniker on this year’s highest-ranking list. Gianna was also popular, perhaps as a nod to the late Gianna Bryant, daughter of former LA Lakers basketball star, Kobe Bryant.

A baby name fit for a princess

Charlotte, the name Kate and William gave their adorable little girl, takes the 28th spot on the “girls’ name” list. No Archie, Louis or George in the top spots surprisingly though.

Nature-inspired baby names

Many new parents in 2020 went for outdoorsy, nature-inspired names for their little ones. Some of the sweetest on the list include Wren, Willow, Azalea, River and Jasper.

Maybe they needed an antidote to all that staying home this year!


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