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Cough Treatment: 11 Ways To Get Rid Of An Annoying Cough

If you feel like this year’s flu season is rougher than usual, it’s not just your imagination.

Research company Gallup discovered more Americans reported having the flu or a cold in December 2014 since 2008, making it one of the worst flu seasons to date. Google also reported a big spike in flu-related searches around mid-December, which means that a lot of us are still getting rid of a lingering illness.

But one of the hallmarks of this cold-and-flu season is that cough that just won’t quit. It can be incredibly frustrating to still be coughing for weeks after you otherwise feel better. It can also make it tough to sleep, which makes your recovery even rougher.

If your cough lingers for four weeks or longer, if you are coughing up blood, or if you have other symptoms like chills or fatigue, see your doctor right away. In these instances, it could be more than the flu, and you might be dealing with a condition like asthma or even acid reflux.

But if you need a little help shaking off the cough that hangs around after a winter cold or flu, read on—we've got the lowdown on 11 ways to help.

11 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Cough
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