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Crooked House On Shaw Street In Toronto Listed For $688,800

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house tilts off to one side.

Would you pay $688,800 for a crooked house?

That's the asking price on a two-storey fixer-upper in Toronto's west end, at 868 Shaw St.

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house has uneven doors and a sinking roof, but its most unsettling feature is that it tilts off to one side.

Neighbours told CityNews in April the house's new owners had planned to tear it down, but the house is now being listed for almost $700,000 by Re/Max.

The house next door has been renovated recently, but other homes in the area have faced similar issues.

The street is built over what was once Garrison Creek. The creek was converted in the late 1800s to a sewer system that eventually got covered up, according to CityNews.

The crooked house also stands on land that was once a gravel pit.

Gundars Briedis, who has worked on the foundation of another home in the area, told the CBC that fixing the foundation is possible, but costly.

"You could easily look at $100,000 per house," he said.

Briedis said the way to go is to tear down the house.

On its listing, the crooked house is described as a "rare opportunity to build in a great location."

The house is located near Christie and Ossington subway stops, parks, bicycle lanes, and many restaurants and bars.


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