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DIY Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween

You may think Halloween is still weeks away, but it's never to early to start working on your costume.

And when it comes to Halloween costumes, we say DIY all the way. There's something so satisfying about making your own outfit for the night, especially knowing that you probably spent way less than that guy in the collector's edition Batman costume.

So, whether you're a craft Halloween pro or a total amateur, there's a DIY costume out there that's perfect for you. All you'll need are some old clothes from a thrift shop or your closet, a little bit of makeup, and a whole lotta imagination.

We've put together a gallery of some awesome DIY Halloween costume ideas that you can easily recreate this year. Happy crafting!

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Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is a classic Halloween costume. All you need is a black dress (or skirt/sweater combo) layered over a white collared shirt, black tights, and shoes, and long braids. Go the extra step with some white makeup, and you're set!

Magritte's Son Of Man

Grab yourself a bowler hat (which you can likely find a a thrift shop), attach an apple (real or fake, you decide) with some string, pull out your suit and tie, and you'll look like you stepped straight out of a painting.

Creepy "Saw" Puppet

A black, white, and red ensemble paired with some creepy white and red makeup is all you need for this one. Add a top hat and straggly wig, and you're good to go.

Banksy Wall Art

If you don't care about getting paint all over your clothes, this is the perfect costume for you. Add white contrast to a pair of black jeans and a black sweater and make sure to pose in front of a wall all night. A bouquet of flowers is a nice touch,

Carlton Banks

Sure, "Fresh Prince" has been finished for quite some time, but we'll never forget Carlton Banks and his infamous dance. For this costume, think preppy: pair a polo shirt (tucked in, of course) with khakis, and grab a knit sweater to tie over your shoulders. Voila!

The Cast Of A Black And White Movie

All you need for this look is a couple friends and a whole lotta black and white clothes. Oh, and some black and white makeup too!

Shari Lewis (And Lamb Chop)

For this look, we suggest raiding your mother's closet for an old '80s floral blouse. If she doesn't have one, hit up your local second hand store, and you'll be amazed at how many you find. Put on some high-waisted slacks, a short curly wig and, of course, add Lamb Chop to your arm (find out how to make him here).

A Van Gogh Painting

Get creative with face paint and you, too, can look just like a Van Gogh portrait. You can also create your own frame out of some cardboard or bristol board.


Buy some toy snakes at the dollar store and glue them in and around a long wig. Finish the look off with some creepy contacts, fang teeth, and stone-like makeup. And remember, don't stare at anyone too closely.

Old Spice Guy

A towel and bottle of and Old Spice product are really all you need to being out your inner macho man.


The cartoon female, who many grew to love, makes for a great costume. Just get yourself a black pleated skirt, knee-high boots and a green army jacket, and you're ready to hit up all the parties.

Captain Canada

For the patriotic girl or guy out there! Get out your red and white (whether in the form of a leotard or tights and a tank top), slap a maple leaf across your chest, and call it a day. You can create a shield out of a garbage an lid or some cardboard for added effect.

Violet Harmon

If you love "American Horror Story" as much as we do, you'll totally appreciate this costume. A wide-brimmed hat, floral dress, and cardigan are really all you need. Simple, yet effective!

Freudian Slip

Throw some Freudian terms onto a slip dress and you've got yourself one of the punniest costumes of the night, hands down.

The Famous Times Square Kiss

Probably the most romantic couples costume ever. Throw on a vintage white dress, grab yourself a sailor (or at least a partner in a sailor costume) and get ready to lock lips for photos all night.

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