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Cochrane Dog Attack: Dog Lunges, Rips Off Part Of Face Of Young Boy, Tyler LeClaire


A young Cochrane boy is recovering at the Alberta Children's Hospital after a dog attacked him over the weekend and ripped off part of his face.

Tyler LeClaire, 7, was sitting on the floor in family home on Saturday when a dog belonging to his sister's boyfriend lunged at him and sank its teeth into the boy's face, aunt Tanya Batycki told the Calgary Sun.

"He was sitting on the floor, I think he was playing with a game, and the dog just attacked him, just latched onto his face and tore half of his face off," Batycki told CTV Calgary.

"We were able to retrieve the patch of skin and it was sewn back, attached back onto his face. Now we're just praying that it, it takes," she continued.

The dog is now in custody with officials who will determine his fate.

Batycki, who described the dog as a pit bull-type breed to the Sun, said this wasn't the first time the dog has attacked.

"We want to make sure that the dog is euthanized because it's not the first time that it's attacked. It's attacked a couple other times. It's given the owner stitches in its face and it's attacked a couple other people," Batycki told CTV.

Tyler spoke to the Sun, saying he was "really scared" when the attack happened.

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