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This Clip Of A Dog Howling To Frank Ocean Will Brighten Your Day In 45 Seconds

Ever heard a dog sing along to Frank Ocean? If not, warning: you’re about to cry.

Things really have been bleak lately. Good news has become a rarity, like good avocados at the grocery store, or bad outfits worn by Rihanna.

So: a balm. Prepare to escape from the madness, with this sweet video clip. It won’t be good news like John Krasinski good news, since he’s cornered the market on heartwarming stories of everyday heroism, but it is sure to brighten your day in under a minute, and efficiency surely counts for something.

Here goes:

Let’s just break down what’s happening here. You’ve got this small, adorable girl sitting in a car with an even smaller, equally adorable puppy in her lap. The two seem to be basking in the warmth of each other’s company, having a grand old time. Then, the soundtrack swells, and the dog can’t help but to break out into a howl. And its howl is so infectious, so haunting, that even the little girl decides to jump in, and the two share a beautiful moment of impromptu karaoke.

Sure, it’s just a video, but it’s also a masterpiece. It deserves an Oscar, or a Golden Globe, or some otherwise prestigious award. “Best Performance goes to... the dog!” whose name I wish I knew.

And just look at how adorable, how happy that little girl looks, with her hair all tightly wrapped in that big pink bow, singing the backup vocal for her furry frontman.

The song, if you haven’t heard it before, is a cut from Ocean’s sophomore album, “Blonde.” Pitchfork called it the best album of the 2010s, and if you feel like going on an emotional journey, just add it to your quarantine playlist.

The track the duet are singing to is called “Self Control.” It’s a song about longing, and it’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Naturally, there’s no way the dog can decode the lyrics about love and poor timing, but the point, really, is the mood, which the soulful pup really seems to get.

Are you crying yet?

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