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Dolphin 'Super Pod' Amazes B.C. Ferry Passengers (VIDEO)

Passengers traveling between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen on Thursday were lucky enough to witness a rare super-sized pod of Pacific White-sided dolphins swimming alongside their ferry.

In a week of extraordinary marine mammal activity in B.C. waters, the giant dolphin pod was spotted just a few days after one of the world's rarest whales was sighted off the entrance to Juan de Fuca Strait near Victoria.

Quick-witted passenger, Rob Maguire, whipped out his video camera and caught the incredible sight of an estimated 1,000 dolphins moving through Howe Sound.

Maguire uploaded his precious footage to YouTube, prompting a fellow passenger, Diane Williams, to comment:

I was there beside you stunned with my cellphone in my pocket. Absolutely amazing. Moved me to tears. In 35 years of travelling to Mayne Is. I have never seen such a sight before. Thank you SO much for the video!

Maguire said the pod could be seen from the ferry for about three minutes before it moved out of sight.

It was a pretty quiet ferry ride until the dolphins turned up because no one was really talking to one another,” he told Global News. “But afterwards everyone was abuzz, strangers were talking with strangers and getting to know one another.”

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