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Don’t Worry Be Happy: 5 Ways To Worry Less Throughout The Day

5 Tips To Help You Live A Worry-Free Life
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Stress can sometimes be a good thing. Think about that excited feeling you get when you're going for a big promotion at work -- that's stress at play. But then there's the anxiety-inducing version, that can impact your well-being in the long term. Thankfully, there are ways to help alleviate that feeling through how you invest your time, energy and money. Here are ways to reduce stress in your life, presented in sponsorship with CIBC Insurance.

Turn off your technology

Although our smartphones and tablets serve up many apps that streamline our lives, today's technology also means we're reachable 24/7. The National Sleep Foundation recommends turning off devices an hour before bedtime, and it's a good idea to practice not picking up your phone at every chime. Doing so can help calm your mind and help prevent spikes in cortisol levels.

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Balance your schedule

Take a step back and evaluate the tasks and commitments that are filling your time and consider cutting out some things that don't fulfill you. It'll take some juggling but if you work at balancing it, you can eventually feel less overwhelmed and more satisfied with life.

Have a good laugh

Laughter does the body good: a good hearty chuckle can help stimulate circulation and help muscles relax, the Mayo Clinic notes. You breathe in more oxygen when you laugh and it can trigger an endorphin release. Laughter can also help lessen feelings of anxiety. So put on your favourite comedy show and unwind.

Follow a healthy diet

Although stress can bring on cravings for junk food, following a wholesome, well-balanced diet can help keep your body running more efficiently. Look to veggies and fruit, lean proteins and whole grains to keep you chugging along efficiently and to help stay more even-keeled mood-wise.

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Think positively

Positive thoughts help breed positive outcomes. Even if those positive thoughts aren't necessarily genuine, fake it till you make it. When a negative worrisome thought enters your mind, dismiss it and replace it with something positive. Soon, you might find yourself believing it too.

It's as easy as a bit of paperwork

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