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Donald Trump's Misspelled Tweets Earned Him A Lesson From Merriam-Webster Dictionary

How did he miss the red spell-check lines?

Merriam-Webster had the perfect clapback for Donald Trump, and didn't even have to say "yo mama."

The potential presidential candidate for the U.S. Republican party, put out a series of tweets early Friday morning congratulating himself on a successful CNN debate against Marco Rubio, who is also running.

The tweets featured a series of insults for Rubio, but many of them were misspelled. Trump attempted to call Rubio a "lightweight" and a "choker," but the jabs instead read "leightweight" and "chocker," and fell pretty flat as a result.

He also tried to thank people for their positive feedback from the debate, but wound up thanking them for "the honer" rather than "the honor."

But the well-known American dictionary brand couldn't let Trump's cringe-worthy assault on the English language slide.

To his credit, Merriam-Webster noted that honer is actually a word, just not the one he was looking for. As for the other two, the tweet reads: "leightweight: We have no. idea." And for "chocker," they redirect the puzzled public to the dictionary entry for "nope."

It doesn't end there, Merriam-Webster really turned the joke into a lesson on term "hone":

Rubio, the so-called "leightweight" "chocker," was unfazed by the insults and actually is seen mocking Trump's poor spelling in this CNN video.

Trump's flubbed tweets have since been deleted, but once it's on the Internet, the screenshots will live forever. The question is how could he miss the red squiggly lines?

Merriam-Webster didn't name names, but it's a fitting coincidence that their word of the day today is "oaf".

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