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Don't just toss your bouquet, share it.

Wedding flowers aren't just expensive, they also tend to end up in the trash. But a new trend in flower recycling might just put an end to that.

Companies like Repeat Roses are taking flowers from weddings, and are re-purposing them into arrangements for patients in hospitals, cancer treatment centres, nursing homes, and shelter facilities.

We deliver joy. The beauty of repurposed wedding flowers have a ripple effect well beyond the reception. Thank you to...

Posted by Repeat Roses on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

And once the flowers have been fully enjoyed, the New York-based company even returns to collect and compost the bouquets so they don't end up in landfills.

Teamwork. It's how we close the loop. Repurposing wedding and event arrangements to share the joy of flowers with...

Posted by Repeat Roses on Sunday, March 20, 2016

According to, in 2014 the average cost of a wedding was $31,685, and estimates couples can spend around $5,000 on flowers alone.

A 2013 study at Wageningen University in the Netherlands reported flowers have major mental health benefits. According to the researchers, not only do blossoms improve our mood, they also boost cognitive brain power.

If you want to donate your wedding day flowers, reach out to local hospitals and shelters before delivering your bouquets. If they won't accept them, consider sharing them with friends, family, neighbours and local heroes like crossing guards, mail carriers and or even the barista who always gets your order just right.

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