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Don't Forget To Pack Your Tipping Etiquette On Vacation

Rules vary from country to country and from region to region.
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You have planned the perfect vacation and on budget. Good for you!

But did you include tipping in your expenses?

"Hmmm... OMG Julie, I really didn't think about that."

Whether you're almost packed for a "get to know my country" vacation, a European excursion or a visit down south to our American neighbours, a well-prepared trip must include coins and dollars to show your gratitude to service providers.

To enlighten you on tipping guidelines, how much to give and to whom, test your knowledge of this cultural custom by answering this quiz.

1. To the taxi driver who takes you to the airport, you give:

a) $2, regardless of the fare.

b) The extra to round it up to the nearest dollar.

C) 10 to 15 per cent of the fare, with a surplus for your luggage.

2. For the door person who opens the door, tells you how to get to reception, answers your questions about the hotel and its pool's opening hours plus offers you an umbrella for your evening out, in anticipation of the storm, you offer:

a) $ 2.

b) A smile and a sincere thank you.

c) $5.

3. The bell attendant who brings your luggage to your room receives:

a) $2 per suitcase.

b) $5, regardless of the number of bags.

c) Nothing, this is part of the service.

4. In a bed and breakfast or in an Airbnb, you leave:

a) $2 per day.

b) Nothing, they are the owners.

c) A positive comment of your experience, on the website and on social networks.

5. You place in the hand of the valet who parks your car:

a) $2 per trip.

b) $2, only when he brings you the car.

c) Nothing, it is included in parking fees.

6.For the housekeeper, you leave:

a A thank you note with J.

b) $2.

c) $5.

7. After your guided tour, you give the guide and the driver:

a) $2 per person in your group.

b) A good handshake and a promise to write a positive comment.

c) 10 to 20 per cent of the amount of your tour.

8. Tipping varies from one country or region to another.

a) False

b) True


1. c) 10 to 15 per cent of the fare and a surplus for handling luggage is typically added by taxi companies. Uber passengers can leave a tip by using the application. This is optional. But since it is not uncommon to find yourself sitting on the back seat of a driver whom you have previously travelled with, I encourage you to tip.

2. b) A smile and some sincere thanks are enough. It is the role of the door attendant to act as host and welcome you. If he gives you recommendations for restaurants or gets you tickets for shows, replacing concierge duties, you offer $5 and more, depending on the service rendered.

3. a) A minimum of $2 per suitcase is offered while acknowledging the weight and volume of your luggage. Consider also the information that is given to you on the hotel, the city and any other niceties that will contribute to making your stay more pleasant.

4. (b) and (c) Reception staff in accommodations and owners do not generally receive a tip. If there is a housekeeping staff, that you have not separately paid for, giving a tip is a gracious act of appreciation. Encouraging reviews are always welcome, no matter the service.

5. b) You have nothing to give when the attendant goes to park your car. A minimum $2 is appropriate for each time he brings you the car. Offer more if your car has been washed, you are given a bottle of water or it is well perfect for the weather; warm in winter with defrosted windows and air-conditioned in summer with your windows cleaned.

6. a), b) and c) You leave $2 to $5 and up, depending on the condition of your room. This tip must be paid daily, as the staff members work on shift rotations.

For the thank you note, be sure to write it in the language of the country you are visiting by using a translation application.

7. c) 10 to 20 per cent of the amount of your visit. For the shuttle service, depending on the assistance, you offer $1 to $2 per person in your group.

8. b) is true, tipping rules vary from country to country and from region to region. In some countries. tips are almost non-existent. Here are a few: Japan, Australia and Switzerland. To avoid insulting or being perceived as a cheap, as my maternal grandmother Florina would say: "When in doubt, find out. "

To find out about best tipping practices for the rest of the year, download this colourful and easy to share infographic from my website.

Have a great vacation making memories with loved ones!

You have a sticky situation at work or at home? This is your forum. Write to Julie and she will reply.

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