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Donut Website Makes All Your Tim Hortons Dreams Come True

Every Tim Hortons Lover Is About To Lose Their Mind
Lots of Donuts

Anyone who loves eating Timbits and drinking Double Doubles — your dreams are about to come true.

Lots Of Donuts, a site intended for those of you who love doughnuts and all things Tim Hortons, is an interactive (and educational) way of looking at the most popular items at Canada's coffee giant.

Created by Toronto-based design agency Pilot Interactive, the site looks at everything from the life of Tim Horton himself to random facts about which coloured sprinkles make a sprinkle doughnut.

And while the site isn't associated with Tim Hortons (think of it as an extracurricular project), it will keep you scrolling and scrolling ... until you buy yourself a box of Timbits.

Speaking of Tim Hortons, we're currently in the middle of Roll Up The Rim season. The company also announced earlier this year that it will discontinue 24 menu items including the chocolate danish and dutchie Timbit.

Ready to nerd out? Check out some of our favourite images below:

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