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Doug Ford: 'You Can Be Racist Against People That Have A Drinking Problem'

DoFo: 'You Can Be Racist Against People With A Drinking Problem'

Toronto's shirtless jogger is learning that things can get ugly in a hurry when you cross Ford Nation.

Coun. Doug Ford went on the attack a day after high school teacher, Joe Killoran, confronted Toronto's mayor during a Canada Day parade.

Killoran won many fans after he paused his run to yell at Rob Ford, demanding that he answer questions about inappropriate slurs he has made in the past and his controversial business dealings and calling the mayor a "corrupt, lying, racist homophobe."

But Doug Ford attempted to turn the tables Wednesday by telling reporters Killoran was a "left wing lunatic" who was "indoctrinating" his students to hate the mayor.

Then the city councillor kicked things up a notch by saying Killoran was being "racist" toward his brother.

Wait. What?

When pressed by The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale, Doug Ford eventually admitted that he has a different interpretation of racism than most people.

"It doesn't have to be about race. You can be a racist against people that eat little red apples. You can be a racist against people that have a drinking problem. You can be racist against people that are too fat," Doug Ford said. "So that's my answer to that."

In the video of the confrontation shot by Global News, Killoran isn't heard saying anything about Ford's addiction problems at all. In fact, Killoran told reporters he wasn't going after the mayor because of his substance abuse issues.

"It's one thing to be sick, that's fine. But he has questions to answer to the people of Toronto and he simply won't do it," he said.

While Ford Nation is angered by the #shirtlessjogger, as you can see in the gallery below, Killohan is a pretty popular guy online.

Toronto voters head to the polls on October 27.

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