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Dove Releases 'Alternative Facts' Deodorant Campaign In Response To Trump Administration

"New Dove antiperspirant deodorant boosts your Wi-Fi signal."

On Monday, Racked's Cheryl Wischhover wrote an article with the headline "There Has Been Radio Silence From Beauty Companies About the Immigration Ban."

As she noted, there was no discussion or statement about Trump's ban from global companies like Estée Lauder or L’Oréal Paris; no word from high fashion beauty brands; and no word from CoverGirl, who recently named Nura Afia its first ever hijab-wearing Muslim ambassador.

But finally, one beauty giant decided it was time to respond and throw a little shade at President Donald Trump's administration.

Enter Dove.

They company decided it was time to poke fun at presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway's catch phrase “alternative facts," which are in fact falsehoods, not facts at all.

Published in various U.K. newspapers and immediately posted online, the two-page advert cheekily unveils a series of dramatic lies surrounding Dove's new antiperspirant deodorant.

Among the brand's "alternative facts"? That the sweat-proof deodorant "increases your IQ by 40 points;" that it "knows a guy who can get you on the guest list;" and that it can even "boost your Wi-Fi signal."

And of course, the page of lies finishes off with the Orwellian hashtag coined by Conway to gloss over Sean Spicer's inauguration number fabrications, #AlternativeFacts.

But wait. Flip the page over, and the ad continues. This time, it containts an image of the product with the message, “New Dove antiperspirant cares for your skin like never before” along with the hashtag #RealFacts.

Now this is how you do a smart campaign.

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