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You Can Soon Buy A Candle With A Scent Like Drake's 'Musk'

He's also releasing a Muskoka-scented candle.
Let's be honest, Drake is the rapper most likely to release a candle line.
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Let's be honest, Drake is the rapper most likely to release a candle line.

You know that feeling, when you’re decorating your home, and you can just tell something’s missing?

If for you that something is the smell of Drake, then you’re in luck.

The details are scarce, but at some point in the near future, the Toronto rapper is dropping a candle line. And among the five scents he’s teased so far, one smells like him.

Drake first teased the idea over the summer, when he posted an Instagram story featuring four candles in royal blue glass candleholders. (You may notice the story also includes a cameo from former MuchMusic VJ Matte Babel.)

In September, perfumer Michael Carby told Revolve that he and his team had met with Drake. The next month, the outlet sold limited numbers of his five candles.

According to Revolve’s Instagram, Drake said the candles were inspired by reggae band Midnite’s album “Live in Eugene,” and suggested listening to it while burning one of his candles.

The candles, released through a new company called Better World Fragrance House, will reportedly be out “this holiday season,” in which case Drake should hurry up and make them available. On Revolve they sold for about $60, with the exception of the Drake scent, which predictably enough is a steep $105. They also come with a marker that will allow you to personalize the jar.

So, what do the candles smell like, and are any of them named after Canadian tourist destinations? We’re glad you asked.

Here’s a rundown of the five scents that were sold through Revolve, and which are sold out for now (but it wouldn’t surprise us if more became available soon).

Carby Musk: “Smooth musk fragrance is introspective as in an interpretation of your beautiful self, yet extrovertive as how you would want others to see your bold and brilliant self,” the ad copy reads. Sounds pretty on-brand for Drake. This one features notes of musk, amber, cashmere, suede and velvet. (Cashmere has a scent?) It also notes that this candle “actually smells like Drake — it’s the personal fragrance he wears, which inspired BWFH.”

Drake's "Carby Musk" candle, which smells like him.
Revolve / Better World Fragrance House
Drake's "Carby Musk" candle, which smells like him.

Muskoka: Yep, he named a candle after Ontario’s famed cottage country! Apparently this one “emulates the smouldering warmth of burning woods, golden embers, and the feeling of being cosy by the fire,” which quite frankly sounds lovely. It features “notes of birch tar, fresh clove buds, cedarwood, sandalwood and smoked leather accord.”

Williamsburg Sleepover: “A genderless and luminous floral-woody musk fragrance that captures the essence of an urban garden under shaded lights.” (Aren’t all candles genderless?) “Features notes of rose, lily of the valley, vetiver, amber, musk, patchouli, and cedarwood.”

Sweeter Tings: “An addictive and nostalgic Oriental Gourmand fragrance with the subtleties of comfort and goodness. Features notes of bergamot, lemon peel, dark voodoo rose, warm cedarwood, and soft musks.”

Better World Fragrance House

Good Thoughts: “A bouquet of rich florals surrounded by a vibrant bright light of freshness for a captivating positive energy. Features notes of fresh aldehydes, bergamot oil, Canadian fir balsam oil, ylang ylang, clove buds, pimento berries, sandalwood oil, patchouli oil and sensual musks.”

It seems like celebrity candle lines could potentially become A Thing. Gwyneth Paltrow’s memorably-named “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle sold out quickly when she released it at the beginning of the year. Kim Kardashian, naturally, has a fragrance line that includes a candle. Singer Kacey Musgraves released a “Slow Burn” candle at the beginning of the year, based on the title of one of her songs, and it also sold out quickly. Alicia Keys sells candles through her skincare line.

Even legendary actor Anthony Hopkins has a fragrance line: you can buy his Amber Noir, Sandalwood or Gardenia Tuberose scents in candle or diffuser form. “Scents have a memory,” Hopkins says on his fragrance company’s website. “It’s the illusionary dreamlike quality of life that has inspired me.”

No word yet on when Drake’s candles are getting a wide release, but you can check his new brand’s Instagram for updates.

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