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Drone Captures The Majesty Of Humpback Whales In Newfoundland

Drone Video Shows The Majesty Of Humpbacks Off Newfoundland's Coast

Humpback whales are truly princely creatures, and rarely more so than in a drone video captured off the coast of Newfoundland last summer.

Videographer Paul Dolk caught some incredible footage of whales in Bonavista Bay and posted the footage to YouTube last Friday.

The drone floats above the whales as they travel in a pod, absolutely dwarfing stunned onlookers in a kayak and a boat. They're even spotted breaching toward the end of the video.

Dolk previously posted a video of a humpback breaching in September. That, too, was extraordinary.

But this is hardly the first time that drones have been used to track whales. The Vancouver Aquarium has used a marine hexacopter to monitor northern resident killer whales off Vancouver Island.

Whale watching season is a few months away. For now, this will do just fine.


Killer Whale Research Aided By Drones

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