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Duchess Of Cambridge Baby: The Queen Leaves Cricket Match, World Thinks Baby Is Born

Queen Leaves Cricket Match, Royal Baby Is Here?

Queen Elizabeth II made an early exit from an Ashes 2013 cricket match on Thursday, leaving the rest of the world wondering if the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour.

And while Twitter reacted quickly to the rumour, there was good reason to do so. On Wednesday, the Queen told school children she was hopeful for the royal baby's arrival — before she went on her holiday break. Any sudden or suspicious movement on the Queen's part could indicate the baby's arrival.

And we're all too familiar with how quickly rumours can spread in the Twitterverse — and beyond. Starting with the confusion over due dates, (it went from July 1 to July 13 and most recently July 23), some reports even suggest all the media and royal watchers may be camping outside the wrong hospital, according to the Telegraph.

A royal source told the paper, “There are contingencies in place for wherever the Duchess happens to be, and one of them is the Royal Berkshire," which is closer to Kate's parents' home in Bucklebury, Berkshire.

When Kate does give birth, an announcement from Clarence House is expected on Twitter.

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