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Earls Restaurant Infuriates Albertans By Switching To U.S. Beef

The restaurant chain wants to serve 100 per cent certified humane beef.

Vancouver-based restaurant company Earls has seemingly angered almost everyone in Alberta after announcing that it plans to source its beef from the U.S. instead of Canada.

Earls announced Tuesday that it had become the first restaurant chain in North America to serve 100 per cent certified humane beef.

Eagle-eyed consumers quickly spotted that the decision meant switching from suppliers in Alberta to ones in Kansas.

"After months of trying, we were unable to source a federally inspected, certified humane producer that could consistently meet our large supply needs," according to Earls' website. " Certified humane was more important to us than origin, so we chose a U.S. supplier for our beef."

Alberta politicians across party lines quickly took to Twitter to voice their disapproval.

Rob McNabb, general manager of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association, said that he was disappointed with Earls, as Canadian suppliers are not far off from meeting the restaurant chain's needs.

“We’re just not quite ready to provide the level of documentation they’re looking for,” he told the Calgary Herald. “But our intent is to meet the market needs as quickly as we can and offer even a broader program.”

Farmers were also upset with the move.

“When any chain says they’re going to look outside the province, I think that hurts a lot of people’s feelings," said Alberta farmer Tim Hoven, in an interview with Global News.

Hoven's cattle have been certified organic since the late 1990s.

Hundreds of Albertans have taken to Earls' Facebook and Twitter accounts to announce they intend to boycott the company.

Earls accused of supporting terrorists

While most are furious about the decision to outsource, but others have a more eyebrow-raising beef with the company.

After a commenter noted in a private Alberta farmers' Facebook group that Earls was now sourcing its meat from a supplier that also provided halal products, a false rumour began to circulate that the company was now using halal beef.

Somehow that led to anger over halal meat — which is prepared in line with Muslim beliefs — and its connection to Islam.

Despite a public statement from Earls noting that they do not serve halal beef, commenters raged that Earls was supporting "Jihad fighters" and using "barbaric" methods of slaughter.

Another commenter suggested Earls — which has dozens of restaurants in Canada and the U.S. — was supporting "terrorists."

Earls stated that it will revisit its decision if Canadian suppliers are able to meet their demands for certified humane beef in future.

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