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Easter Brunch Ideas: Simple Ways To Have An Animal- And Environment-Friendly Celebration


Looking for Easter brunch ideas that are animal- and environment-friendly but don't take away from the tradition?

Whether it's going back to the farm or just to the farmers' market, Canadian shoppers have many options to choose from. From buying free-range ham to organic, the overflow of labels and rules can be overwhelming.

Organic products are becoming more and more common in grocery stores and at farmers' markets. A Co-op in Calgary made headlines earlier this month, when it took the first step to becoming the first major grocer in Canada to phase out eggs and pork produced from pigs and chickens kept in confinement cages.

Buying organic food can mean an additional cost of up to 30 per cent, but some experts argue that doesn't account for the health and environmental benefits.

Consider replacing products that have fat in them first, such as meat, eggs and milk. Fat stores chemicals efficiently and eliminating these products can mean the consumption of fewer harmful chemicals used in the production process.

Here's a look at the differences between labels, what eating local really means and whether you should at all.

How To Have A Green Easter Brunch
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