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Easter Dinner Ideas: 15 Meal Ideas To Try This Easter

15 Fun Easter Dinner Ideas That Aren't So Traditional

Sunday, April 20 may be the day for Easter egg hunts, but we're just as excited for that giant Easter dinner.

Glazed and roasted meats and side dishes made with veggies does sound like the ultimate holiday family meal, but traditional Easter dinners, like Christmas, have ham as the table centrepiece. If you're not a fan of ham, the holiday is also keen on lamb as well, thanks to the animal's association with springtime.

Just like any holiday dinner, cooking a meal for a group of people can be stressful and cooking ham or lamb isn't the easiest task either. According to Bon Appetit the most common mistakes people make with ham is glazing it too early or buying the wrong type of ham to start with.

To ease that stress, we suggest making a dinner menu beforehand and balancing out your meats, veggies and sugar relatively equally. On the other hand, if you want something completely different and nontraditional this year, try making a Hawaiian pizza or Indian mashed potatoes instead.

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