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Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That Will Keep Kids Hopping

Make them work for those treats!
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Sure, it's not the reason for the holiday, but an egg hunt is an iconic part of Easter for a lot of families.

What could be sweeter than watching your little ones scramble through your yard (or house, given Canadian winter's tendency to hold on well into spring), adorned with fuzzy ears, searching for treats left behind by the Easter bunny?

But it's no fun if the hunt is over in minutes. Or what if you don't want your kids to eat too much sugar? Whether you're looking for creative ways to keep your kids hopping, or alternatives to traditional chocolate treats, check out this list of unique Easter egg hunt ideas.

1. Energy burning Easter egg hunt

Eats Amazing

With printed messages like "dance like a chicken" and "stand on one leg," this Easter egg hunt is sure to keep your kids busy.

Get the instructions:Eats Amazing

2. Easter bunny trail

Smart School House

Your kids will love following this trail left behind by the Easter bunny.

Get the instructions:Smart School House

3. Puzzle Easter egg hunt

Make the Best of Everything

You can even make your own personalized puzzle with this creative idea.

Get the instructions:Make the Best of Everything

4. Smartphone Easter egg hunt

Bits of Everything

This is a great one for older kids.

Get the instructions:Bits of Everything

5. Magnetic Easter egg hunt

Happy Toddler Play Time

This idea is great for little ones.

Get the instructions:Happy Toddler Play Time

6. Confetti egg game

Oh Happy Day

Not for the faint of heart (or parents without good vacuum cleaners).

Get the instructions:Oh Happy Day

7. Easter egg colour matching game

Make and Takes

This is a great way to teach kids about colours!

Get the instructions:Make and Takes

8. Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

Lil' Luna

Because who says the fun has to end when the sun goes down?

Get the instructions:Lil' Luna

9. Easter egg hunt tokens with prizes

Life as a Mom

This way, kids can redeem prizes of all shapes and sizes.

Get the instructions: Life as a Mom

10. Alphabet Easter egg hunt

A Little Pinch of Perfect

For your little scholars!

Get the instructions:A Little Pinch of Perfect

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