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Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes For Even The Most Unskilled Bakers

Kids will love helping with these.

The best part of Christmas is clearly the cookies.

Eating them, that is. While some people may find that baking gives them joy, others are more likely find themselves buying, unwrapping, and plating store-bought treats after PTA Kathleen sends out her annual cookie exchange email.

And that’s OK! We can’t all be Pinterest parents, or they’d just be called parents. Someone has to bring the festive napkins and paper plates to the daycare potluck, after all (DIBS).

But maybe this year, you want to be different. Maybe you want to try some new traditions. Maybe you want your kids to get in on the simple joy of making cookies. Or maybe your kids are asking why you can’t be more like Kathleen (DAMN IT, KATHLEEN!)

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Whatever the reason, we got you with these easy Christmas cookie ideas.

Here are some easy recipes to try that even the most unskilled bakers should be able to pull off. And if not ... there’s always the ol’ “buy the damn cookies and put them in a festive cookie tin” move.

No judgment here. We don’t even know how to turn on our stand mixer.

Santa’s Trash Cookies

Santa's trash cookies are perfect for the parent who feels like a dumpster fire.
Santa's trash cookies are perfect for the parent who feels like a dumpster fire.

Obviously, the name speaks to us. But Santa’s trash cookies don’t require any fancy icing or decorating, so they’re also super easy.

Get the recipe: Delish

Cake Mix Cookies

These super-simple cookies are made with store-bought cake mix, which makes this recipe music to our ears.

Get the recipe: Dinner at the Zoo

Christmas Oreos

Guys, the hard work’s already done: Oreo made the cookies. All you have to do for this recipe is dip them in white candy coating, decorate, and bask in the glory.

Get the recipe: Sugar Hero

Christmas Crinkle Cool Whip Cookies

Here’s another recipe that uses boxed cake mix as the base, bless. It also uses Cool Whip, creating a glorious mess that kids will love “helping” with.

Get the recipe: Bread Booze Bacon

Crockpot Candy

Like any good crockpot recipe, all you have to do for this one is dump the ingredients in and stir.

Get the recipe: Fake Ginger

Candy Cane Mix Cookies

You know, if we realized how many cookie recipes used boxed cake mix, we might have started baking a lot sooner (or ever). This recipe only has four ingredients, so, bonus.

Get the recipe: DIY Thrill

Elf Hats

1. These are adorable. 2. No actual baking required.

Get the recipe: Blog By Donna

Peanut Butter Balls

Yesss to more no-bake treats! Peanut butter balls are delicious, look festive, super easy, and kids will love rolling the dough.

Get the recipe: Dinner at the Zoo

Brownie Christmas Trees

Step 1: Bake a tray of boxed brownie mix. Step 2: Cut into triangles, stick a candy cane in its butt, add some green frosting, and voilà.

Get the recipe: One Little Project

No Roll Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookies are a Christmas classic, but rolling and cutting them is a pain in the ass. This recipe skips that part.

Christmas Sugar Bite Cookies

Another twist on the classic sugar cookie! This recipe is just cookies and frosting, and damn it looks good.

Get the recipe: Two Sisters Crafting

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups

These cookie cups will make you look fancy AF, but are deceivingly easy thanks to the secret ingredient: pre-make Pillsbury cookie dough.

Get the recipe: The Gunny Sack

Christmas Toffee

This delicious recipe is basically just pouring melted stuff on top of saltine crackers, and we’re here for it.

Get the recipe: Crafty Morning

Christmas Gumdrop Nougat

Another recipe where you basically just have to melt things, and it looks super tasty, to boot.

Get the recipe: The Farm Girl Gabs

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