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Easy Vegan Recipes Kids And Grownups Will Love

Plant-based can still = delicious.

Happy Veganuary!

Now that all those holiday indulgences are behind us (we’ll never forget you, entire gingerbread house made from KitKat bars), many people embark on healthier eating habits in the new year. For some, that means committing to Veganuary— following a vegan diet (only eating food that comes from plants) for the month of January.

More than half a million people have pledged to follow Veganuary since 2014, according to

Is a vegan diet safe for kids?

The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) recommends parents considering putting their family on a vegan diet talk to their childrens’ doctor or a dietitian since kids may need additional vitamin and mineral supplements.

But they also note that a well-planned and balanced vegan diet can be perfectly healthy.

“Well-planned vegetarian and vegan diets with appropriate attention to specific nutrient components can provide a healthy alternative lifestyle at all stages of fetal, infant, child and adolescent growth,” CPS notes.

However, they do not recommend nut or plant-based beverages for infants or young children.

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Recipes, Ideas, And Tips For Feeding Kids

Whether you’re considering going vegan for January, interested in trying more plant-based foods, or are already following a vegan diet and are looking for more recipes, we got you.

Here are some vegan recipes the whole family will love:

Vegan lasagna

We love this recipe because it doesn’t try to “trick” you with fake cheese. It’s just fresh and full of veggies (with tofu for protein).

Get the recipe: Delish

Black bean and avocado wraps

Fact: kids love wraps. And these black bean and avocado wraps are full of nutrients!

Get the recipe: The Food Easy

Zucchini tater tots

We know what you’re thinking: aren’t regular tater tots already vegan? Not always! Many recipes use eggs as a binder. But this recipe has just four ingredients, and packs a delicious zucchini punch.

Get the recipe: She Likes Food

Cauliflower tacos

Taco night just got even yummier with this cauliflower version!

Get the recipe: Vegan Heaven

Vegan potato cakes

This kid-friendly potato cake is packed with veggies and suitable for even the youngest eaters.

Get the recipe: Grilling Recipes

Apple oat cinnamon muffins

This easy on-the-go breakfast or snack is healthy and tasty, to boot.

Get the recipe: My Kids Lick The Bowl

Quinoa nuggets

What kid (or adult, for that matter) doesn’t love nuggets!?

Get the recipe: Bohemian Vegan Kitchen

Spaghetti and ‘meat’ balls

The vegan ‘meat’ balls are made from chickpeas, and look delicious.

Get the recipe: Nora Cooks

Strawberry banana ice cream

You gotta have dessert! This ice cream recipe uses just two ingredients.

Get the recipe: Leelalicious

Vegan mashed potato bowls

Helloooo, comfort food!

Get the recipe: Rabbit and Wolves

Butternut squash mac and cheese

Not only is this mac and cheese creamy and delicious, but it uses no dairy at all.

Get the recipe: Baby Foodie

Rainbow fritters

Here’s another fritter recipe kids will love, and these are packed full of veggies.

Get the recipe: Healthy Little Foodies

‘Butter’ noodles

Got a kid who only eats butter noodles? Same. Well, here’s a vegan version even adults can enjoy.

Get the recipe: This Savory Vegan

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